Video & Photography Services

At Hallmark AV, we specialize in capturing the essence of your events through stunning photography and compelling videography. From intimate gatherings to large-scale conferences and festivals, we’re equipped to document every moment with precision and creativity.

Our services include:

Event Filming: Whether it’s a conference, exhibition, concert, or festival, we’ll expertly capture the highlights and atmosphere of your event.

Live Streaming: Extend the reach of your event by streaming it live to remote audiences, ensuring everyone can participate in real-time.

Onsite Editing: Need to share updates instantly on social media? Our onsite editing services allow us to deliver captivating content on the fly, keeping your audience engaged and informed across platforms.

Partner with us to elevate your event’s visual storytelling and leave a lasting impression on your audience.

What We Do

We’re a Canon-based team, armed with full-frame DSLRs and a comprehensive array of L-Series lenses for every scenario. Our photography expertise spans capturing speakers, delegates, action shots, close-ups, and wide-angle views at events. With swift on-the-fly processing, we seamlessly deliver images directly to your marketing team or social media channels, ensuring instant engagement with your audience.

Our video arsenal boasts top-tier equipment, including the Canon XF605 (4k) and Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro (4.6k) cameras, complemented by a versatile lens set. Lighting solutions enhance visual quality for captivating videos. Our videography portfolio encompasses speaker presentations, live performances, interviews, and corporate promos. Additionally, we excel in live event coverage, utilizing VMix to seamlessly integrate video, audio, and graphics for pristine RTMP streaming to online audiences. Elevate your event’s virtual presence with our comprehensive videography services.

After each event, we meticulously curate hundreds of images and video footage to select the finest shots for your website and craft compelling promotional videos for future events.

From staging and printed sets to sponsor screens and spotlights, we’ve supplied a comprehensive range of equipment and accessories for conferences and events. Our offerings also include brochure stands, banners, and up-lighting to enhance the ambiance. For a full list of available equipment and further details, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We cover the entire of the England and Europe. And pretty much anywhere else you can get to via train, plane, ferry and road.

Meet the Team

Phin Hall

Phin brings over 20 years of experience managing AV for conferences and events since 2004. His expertise spans overseeing film crews as Director of Photography and conducting live mixing, ensuring seamless execution. With a proven track record in every aspect of AV production, Phin is dedicated to delivering exceptional results, from capturing key moments to ensuring flawless presentations. His proficiency in managing teams and technical operations underscores his commitment to excellence in AV services.

David Hall

David is a seasoned sound and video engineer with a career spanning since 2018, backed by a BTEC in video production. His expertise extends to being a leading authority in VMix livestreaming technology. With a strong foundation in both sound and video engineering, David brings a wealth of technical knowledge and practical experience to his role. His proficiency in VMix livestreaming positions him as a go-to expert in delivering high-quality live streaming experiences for a diverse range of events and clients.