Event Videography

We offer filming and editing services for events of all shapes and sizes, from conferences and exhibitions to concerts and festivals.

If you’re looking to livestream your event, we can provide an RTMP feed to ensure your audience sees exactly what they need to see.

What We Do

Our equipment includes Canon XF605 (4k) and Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro (4.6k) video cameras, together with a complete set of lenses to suit all occasions.
We can also provide lighting

Our usual videography work includes filming speakers and bands, interviews and voxpops, and corporate promo videos, together with livestreaming video to an online audience.

If you are looking to livestream your event, we use VMix to combine the video and audio streams, together with any other graphics etc. you require, to output a clean RTMP for your online audience.

Over the years we’ve provided pretty much everything you can imagine for conferences and other events, including staging, printed sets, sponsor screens, brochure stands, banners, spotlights and up-lighting. Feel free to contact us for more information.

We cover the entire of the England and Europe. And pretty much anywhere else you can get to via train, plane, ferry and road.

Meet the Team

Phin Hall

Phin has been running every aspect of AV for conferences and events since 2004, including overseeing film crew as DoP and live mixing

David Hall

David has worked as a sound & video engineer since 2018 and holds a BTEC in video production. He is also one of the leading experts in VMix livestreaming.