10 Questions to Ask your AV Supplier when Planning your Event

1. Have you read through the agenda for the event before quoting?

Every event has its unique characteristics – from the venue specifics to the session formats, and the agenda is our road map. Reading through the agenda (even in a draft form) is critical to determine what AV equipment will be needed for the event, ensuring the right questions are asked. This helps in providing a quote that reflects a tailor-made service for your event’s specific needs.

2. Do you have experience with similar events?

The value of experience cannot be overstated. An AV supplier with a history of managing events similar to yours brings foresight and expertise. It’s this seasoned understanding that ensures your AV support is not just adequate, but exceptional, and guarantees your event runs smoothly.

3. Can you provide case studies from previous events?

Case studies from past events illustrate an AV supplier’s ability to deliver on various event requirements. They offer reassurance of our understanding and adaptability, serving as a testament to the quality and reliability you can expect for your own event.

4. Can you provide a full cost breakdown for equipment & personnel?

Transparency in pricing is key. A detailed cost breakdown helps you understand where your investment is going, preventing unexpected charges and showcasing the value of each service component.

5. Are your technicians trained on the equipment and setup?

A technically proficient crew ensures that your event’s AV setup is flawless. Technicians trained on specific equipment are crucial for a smooth operation, enabling quick resolution of any unforeseen issues.

6. Do you have the relevant UHF frequency licences?

Operating within legal frequency allocations is essential for a seamless AV experience. Holding the relevant UHF frequency licenses means wireless equipment works flawlessly, free from interference that could disrupt your event and distract from what your speakers have to say.

7. Who will be our main point of contact during the event?

A designated point of contact is essential for effective communication. This person facilitates all your queries and concerns, ensuring streamlined coordination throughout the event. Ask for their number in advance of the event and reach out to them with any questions or concerns you might have

8. How much time do you require for setup and breakdown?

Proper scheduling of setup and breakdown times is crucial. It ensures that AV operations align with your event’s timeline, from venue opening to the final curtain call. If you know how much time the AV team will take to prepare and remove their equipment, you can ensure the relevant rooms are booked. It’s also worth checking the AV supplier has contacted the venue to find out where they can park, who their point of contact is, and how the kit will be brought in and out of the building.

9. Do you offer technical rehearsals before the event begins?

Technical rehearsals are almost as important as the live event, because they allow us to perfect the AV setup beforehand, ensuring a seamless AV experience when your event goes live. This means testing everything – mics, speakers, projectors, monitors, even the clicker and laser pointer.

10. Do you ensure compliance with safety standards and regulations?

Safety is non-negotiable. Adhering to safety standards and regulations is about creating a safe environment for everyone involved and delivering peace of mind that all AV equipment is correctly and safely set up and operated. If an accident could have been prevented, it wasn’t an accident!

If you’re looking for trouble-free AV tailored to your event, please do get in touch and we’ll come have a coffee and chat it through