10 Questions to Ask your AV Supplier During your Event

1. Have all the AV checks been carried out?

Confirming that all AV equipment has been thoroughly checked before the session starts is crucial. This ensures that the sound, lighting, and visuals are set up correctly and functioning as expected, minimizing the risk of technical issues during the event.

2. Have you rung out the room?

This refers to the process of adjusting the audio setup (EQ) to prevent feedback noises in the room. It’s important to ask if this has been done to ensure clear audio transmission, especially in environments with challenging acoustics (think marble floors and mirrored walls…)

3. Have you seen all the speakers for the coming session?

Checking that the AV team has met and briefed all speakers for the upcoming session is vital for smooth transitions and presentations. It helps the speakers feel prepared and confident about their technical setup, and ensures they’ve actually turned up!

4. Do all the speakers have microphones?

Ensuring every speaker has a microphone (unless they’ve chosen to use the lectern mic) and that it’s working properly is essential for clear communication to the audience. This check prevents last-minute scrambles to equip a speaker with a microphone right before their talk – or worse, during.

5. Do all the speakers know where the clicker is and how to use it?

A clicker allows speakers to control their presentations without having to ask the AV tech to advance the slides. Confirming that each speaker is familiar with its operation avoids awkward pauses and disruptions during presentations.

6. Do you have all the presentations ready for them?

Verifying that all the presentations for the coming session (from the current break to the next) are loaded and ready to go on the AV system prevents delays. It’s important to ensure that every speaker’s presentation is queued up correctly and they’ve checked they’re happy with how they look and run.

7. Have you tested any embedded videos for sound and playback?

How many times have you witnessed a video either playing without sound or not playing at all? Embedded videos can cause issues during a presentation if not tested beforehand. Checking, during the break, that they play correctly with sound ensures a smooth presentation, free of technical glitches.

8. Are there any issues in the coming sessions I need to be aware of?

Asking about potential issues in advance helps pre-empt and solve problems before they affect the event. This proactive approach allows for adjustments or solutions to be arranged swiftly.

9.Have there been any comments regarding audio or image quality?

Being ready to quick address any feedback on audio or image quality from the audience is important for maintaining the professionalism of the event. Promptly resolving any issues enhances the experience for both speakers and attendees.

10. Have you had something to eat and drink?

AV technicians often find their break times filled with talking to speakers and testing presentations. As such, they can miss opportunities to get a coffee and pastry, and sometimes even lunch. The AV team are essential to the event’s success, so ensuring they are well-taken care of can boost their efficiency and attentiveness throughout the event.

If you’re looking for trouble-free AV tailored to your event, please do get in touch and we’ll come have a coffee and chat it through