10 Questions to Ask your AV Supplier After your Event

1. Were there any AV issues? If so, how were they handled?

Understanding whether there were any technical problems with the AV during the event and how effectively they were managed gives insight into the supplier’s problem-solving capabilities and responsiveness.

2. Did all the equipment perform as expected during the event?

This question assesses whether the AV equipment met the technical demands of the event, which is crucial for ensuring high-quality audiovisual experiences for future events. If any equipment failed to meet expectations, ask what they will do differently for the next event.

3. Was there sufficient equipment to meet the event’s requirements?

Ensuring there was enough equipment on hand is essential for meeting the event’s demands. If there were shortages, it could lead to identifying necessary adjustments for future planning.

4. What AV feedback did participants give you?

Gathering feedback from participants about the AV setup can provide direct insights into their experience, highlighting what worked well and what didn’t. All these questions are helping asses the event and help with the planning for future events.

5. Did the event meet all AV expectations?

This reflects on whether the AV execution aligned with the planned vision and objectives of the event, crucial for evaluating the supplier’s performance.

6. Were there any speaker requests you were unable to fulfill?

Knowing if all speaker needs were met or if there were requests that couldn’t be accommodated helps identify potential gaps in resources or planning. It is worth gathering feedback from the speakers themselves as well.

7. What AV improvements do you suggest for future events?

Asking for recommendations from the AV supplier can provide valuable insights into innovations or upgrades that could enhance future events. Discuss your own suggestions with them, while you’re at it.

8. How effective was the communication with the events team?

Effective communication is absolutely key to the success of any event. This question helps understand how well the AV team coordinated with the event organizers (and vice-versa), which is vital for smooth operations and can help in training up your own team.

9. Were setup and breakdown times sufficient for this event/venue?

Evaluating whether the allocated times for setting up and breaking down the AV equipment were adequate helps plan better timelines and possibly reduce venue costs in the future.

10. How can we improve logistics with your team?

Seeking feedback on logistical aspects provides opportunities for streamlining operations and enhancing collaboration for future events. It’s all about teamwork!

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